Virtual Campus Tours Are Critical For Increasing Your School Admissions

International schools and universities are facing tough times with their admissions.  In-person campus tours can't happen right now.  Virtual campus tours can be helpful for schools, but there are a lot of options out there - some are great and some, not so much.   

How do you choose the best virtual campus tour for your school?  What features do you want, what tech integrations should you have, and what format is best?  How do you make it interactive enough to keep your prospective parents engaged?  How do you create a virtual tour that drives admissions, rather than one that is just a collection of pretty pictures of your campus?

To help you with this somewhat confusing decision, The SchoolHouse Agency has created "The Ultimate Guide To The Ultimate Virtual Tour".  The guide includes:

  • 5 reasons your school needs a virtual campus tour
  • 5 features you need
  • 5 features you don't want
  • 5 integrations you need

Get all the insight you need to create an interactive and engaging 360 virtual campus tour for your school. 

The Ultimate 360 Virtual Campus Tour

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